About Us : Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

The vision for the Department of Pathology is to be recognized for excellence in clinical service, research and education through partnership with the clinical and scientific programs at the Miller School of Medicine. The department will support strategic programmatic development, and will be a focal point for clinical support, research support and leadership, and educational activities. The department will be a destination for the best trainees and faculty. The Department of Pathology will reflect the success and high standards of the University of Miami as a whole, and will be recognized in the region, nationally and worldwide as a leading resource for excellence in diagnosis and laboratory evaluation, based on a foundation of research and education.


  • The mission of the Department of Pathology at the Miller School of Medicine is to:
  • Provide the highest quality most effective support for the inpatient and outpatient clinical services. This support will be enhanced through centralization and consolidation of specialized laboratory services, which will provide evaluation and diagnosis in a timely and efficient fashion.
  • Provide effective partnership with the hospitals including University of Miami Hospital and Clinics, Sylvester Cancer Center, Jackson, and the VA.
  • Support and lead programmatic research at the Miller School of Medicine in partnership with the institutes, research programs and key initiatives.
  • Provide necessary core laboratory support to the scientific efforts at the Miller School of Medicine.
  • Expand the outreach of the department through its reference laboratory by providing a full and comprehensive range of services and to be a primary resource for the most advanced and differentiating technologies.
  • Provide the highest quality education, training and research experience for medical students, graduate students, residents, fellows and Miller School of Medicine Faculty.
  • Create and support educational programs for pathologists and clinicians regionally, nationally, and internationally. This will increase the visibility and promote awareness of the expertise in the department, as well as other clinical programs.
  • Fulfill the core mission at the Miller School of Medicine of providing excellence in service, research and education in partnership with the clinical and scientific programs, and through addressing the priorities and needs of the school, hospitals, key programs, and the community.
  • Partner with and support The University of Miami Miller School of Medicine‚Äôs expansion regionally, nationally and internationally.