Division of Anatomic Pathology : Autopsy



The Autopsy Pathology specialists are known for their expertise in arriving at diagnoses in complicated autopsies. Families may benefit from the autopsy in several ways:

  • Discovering inherited or familial diseases allows families to be screened and to prevent diseases to progress without treatment. Genetic counseling can then be arranged to allow parents to weigh the risk of recurrence for autosomal dominant and recessive conditions, especially if additional pregnancies are planned.

  • Providing important information for the settling of insurance claims or death benefits.

  • Establishing the diagnosis of a work-related condition might lead to compensation for the family.

  • General knowledge gained by the autopsy may help to discover new treatment or to avoid some therapeutic measures with unwanted side effects.


  • Clara Milikowski, MD – Adult Autopsy and Division Director
  • Carol K. Petito, MD – Adult Autopsy and Neuropathology
  • Maria M. Rodriguez, MD – Pediatric and Adult Autopsy