Division of Anatomic Pathology : Cytopathology


Cytopathology Section

Cytopathology laboratory at the University of Miami /Jackson Memorial Medical Center provides service to over 65,000 in-patients and more than 300,000 out- patients annually. At this laboratory we evaluate approximately 25,000 cytologic samples per year, of which 7,000 are non-gynecologic, including over 2,000 fine needle aspirations (FNA). Our services cover patients at Jackson Memorial Hospital, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center and University of Miami Hospital and Clinics . In addition to our routine patient work, we offer consultation services to the pathologists in the community and those in Latin American countries.
In 1992 our academic mission was enhanced by establishment of an accredited Cytopathology Fellowship training program. This fellowship program has trained over 25 cytopathologists who are practicing cytology at the large community hospitals and academic medical centers in the U.S. and overseas.

Diagnostic Services

We provide diagnostic services for all types of cytologic specimens ie. gynecologic samples ( Pap-Smears; liquid –based and conventional, and systems in place for detection of HPV , CT and GC ), nongynecologic samples such as respiratory lavages, and brushes, CSF , pleural , ascetic and pericardial fluids, and fine needle aspiration( FNA) samples from superficial and deep organs. We also provide immediate assessment of FNA material obtained at the subspecialty Clinics and Radiology Units under ultrasound or CT imaging. Our goals are to provide high quality diagnostic services by incorporation of advanced ancillary techniques such as immunocytochemistry and molecular techniques to detect diagnostic and prognostic markers in patients with cancer when the routine tissue sampling may prove not to be adequate.

The cytology laboratory interfaces with the immunohistology lab( a pioneer in the field ) and the molecular diagnostics lab. A cytologic material bank is maintained jointly with the interested investigators in accordance with the general guidelines of our IRB. Excess material received by Cytology may be stored in alcohol based fixative for future research purposes.


For questions regarding these services, please contact us via email at the addresses listed above.