Division of Anatomic Pathology : Dermatopathology


The Dermatopathology Service of the University of Miami Department of Pathology is a dedicated skin pathology center. We are committed to the provision of accurate diagnostic and prognostic information for referring dermatologists and other physicians who are dedicated to the treatment of skin disorders.

Within our cutaneous lymphoma and melanoma units, a collaborative initiative comprising hemato-oncologists and melanoma oncologists, we provide comprehensive clinical and pathology consultation as well as patient access to nationwide clinical trials.

  • Experienced expert dermatopathologist access available for phone and email consultations
  • 24-hour turnaround time on routine cases
  • Clinical, molecular and pathologic correlation for enhanced diagnostic accuracy
  • Second-opinion consults
  • Complimentary FedEx overnight/local courier and supplies provided
  • Flexible billing options

Our team offers five highly specialized laboratory services dedicated to the diagnosis and management of skin disease.

  • Cutaneous Lymphoma Unit: Comprehensive immunoprofiling and molecular diagnostic service of primary cutaneous lymphomas
    • Jeong Hee Cho, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dermatopathology
    • Francisco Vega, M.D.,Ph.D,. Professor, Director of Hematopathology
    • Artur Rangel, M.D., Assistant Professor, Molecular Pathology

  • Melanoma Unit: Molecular diagnostic services of melanoma and ambiguous melanocytic lesions, utilizing Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization (FISH), gene Sequencing for mutation analysis, and Array-based Comparative Genomic Hybridization (aCGH)
    • Jeong Hee Cho, M.D.,Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dermatopathology
    • Yao-Shan Fan, M.D.,Ph.D. Professor, Director of Cytogenetics and Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory
  • Immunofluorescence: Immunological diagnoses of cutaneous autoimmune disorders, utilizing both direct immunofluorescence from skin tissue, as well as indirect immunofluorescence from blood/serum
    • Jeong Hee Cho, M.D.,Ph.D, Associate Professor, Dermatopathology
    • Laura Barisoni, M.D., Professor, Director of Renal Pathology
    • David Thomas, M.D., Professor, Director of Outreach Program
  • Skin biopsy diagnosis: Definitive diagnoses ranging from the routine to the most complex of cases and consultation / second opinion on complex cases
    • Jeong Hee Cho, M.D.,Ph.D, Associate Professor, Board-certified Dermatopathologist
    • Clara Milikowski, M.D., Associate Professor, Pathology