Division of Anatomic Pathology : Renal Pathology and Immunofluorescence Service

Renal Pathology Client Services


  • Hours of operation:
    • Renal pathologist on call: 24hrs a day, 7 days/week.
    • Customer service: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. 305-243-PATH (7284)

Biopsy Kits can be received and processed Monday to Friday. Emergency weekend processing upon request (notify our team by Friday noon).

Same day biopsy service with preliminary diagnosis by 5 pm is available for cases received prior 12 pm. A complete report will be faxed next day by 5 pm.
Next day service is available for cases received after 12 noon with preliminary diagnosis and discussion of the case by 5 pm and complete report be faxed within 48 hours from the time the biopsy is received.

Billing options: We offer flexible billing options including third-party billing if requested when patient insurance information is provided.

Review your cases by remote access to digital images: as part of our service clients are enabled to access renal biopsies for their personal review or discussion of the findings with the Renal Pathology Team or patients.

  • Request a biopsy Kit:
    • Download biopsy kit forms or
    • call 305-243-PATH (7284) or
    • Email: pathology@med.miami.edu