Division of Clinical Pathology : Toxicology Laboratory

Toxicology Laboratory

The University of Miami Toxicology Laboratory provides multiple areas of service expertise including:

  • Forensic Toxicology
  • Clinical Toxicology
  • Research Toxicology
  • Blood and urine alcohol concentrations
  • Customized drug screening and conformational analysis

The University of Miami Toxicology Laboratory provides comprehensive, expert testing and analysis for a broad range of biological samples to support coroners, government and law enforcement agencies, medical examiners, physicians, researchers and others in corporate and legal industries

Some example of drugs tested for include; antidepressants; antipsychotics; opiates and pain medications; cannabis (both synthetic and “natural”), cocaine, amphetamine/methamphetamines; cathioniones; benzodiazepines; zolpidem; ketamine; phencyclidine; methadone and metabolites plus many more.

We specialize in unusual and novel drugs of abuse as well as routine drug screening. All test panels can be customized allowing more flexibility than normal “panel” toxicology testing. To ensure the best testing, contact the laboratory to set up a time to discuss testing needs.

Bernard W. Steele, MD Professor of Pathology, Division of clinical Chemistry
Lisa Reidy, PhD Assistant Research Professor, Division of Toxicology
Experienced toxicologists

Forensic Toxicology lab
University of Miami
1600 NW, 10th avenue
RMSB, R-5, room 7020A
Miami, Florida, 33136
tel: 305-243-5629 (office)
tel : 305-243-1337 (direct)
email inquiries: Lisa Reidy