Division of Hematopathology

Division of Hematopathology

Division of Hematopathology
The Division of Hematopathology provides diagnostic services and specialized testing for patients with all types of acute and chronic leukemia, lymphoma and benign hematologic disorders. We specialize in the diagnosis of hematological disorders, including:

  • Acute and chronic leukemias
  • Myelodysplastic syndromes
  • Myeloproliferative neoplasms
  • B and T-cell lymphomas
  • Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Cutaneous and Orbital lymphomas
  • Benign bone marrow and lymph node disorders

Consultation, Laboratory Testing and Diagnosis
The Hematopathology division operates specialized laboratories for immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization, molecular diagnostics, flow cytometry, cytogenetic and FISH analysis.

We offer the following hematological consultation services:

  • Morphologic and immunohistochemical evaluation of lymph nodes and bone marrow specimens.
  • Flow cytometry evaluation of bone marrow aspirates, peripheral blood, fluids and lymphoid tissue
  • FISH and cytogenetic studies for evaluation of chromosomal translocations and genetic abnormalities in acute leukemias and malignant lymphomas
  • PCR studies to detect monoclonality in B- and T-cell neoplasms
  • PCR qualitative studies to detect BCR/ABL translocations (p190 and p210)
  • Gene sequencing and PCR analysis to assess for the mutational status of the following genes in myeloid neoplasms: ASXL1, TET2, PHF6, DNMT3A, IDH1/2, FLT3, NPM1, KIT, FLT3-ITD, CEBPA, and MLL-PTD.
  • A panel to assess for genes involved in the biology of CLL/SLL (NOTCH1, SF3B1, TP53) is being developed and will be ready shorty.

Units of Hematopathology
Hematopathology is a comprehensive clinical and research area that includes the following specialty areas:

  • Bone Marrow
  • Lymphoma Pathology
  • Clinical Flow Cytometry
  • Cytogenetics
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Outside Services

Our Hematopathology Experts

Pathology Faculty

Our expert team: from left to right, below, Sandra Hernandez, Jennifer Chapman, Carmen Casas and above, German Campuzano, Francisco Vega, Yao-Shan Fan.

  • Francisco Vega, MD PhD Director of the Division of Hematopathology. Dr Vega is a renowned academic hematopathologist expertly qualified to consult in all areas of neoplastic hematopathology with an emphasis in lymph node pathology. Dr. Vega has more 100 publications in peer-review journals and numerous text books chapters. Dr Vega has been listed in Best Doctors in America
  • Jennifer Rose Chapman, MD Director of the clinical and research immunohistochemistry laboratory and expert hematopathologist with particular interest in malignant lymphomas. Dr Chapman has been primary author/co-author of over 20 manuscripts in the field of lymphoma and collaborates regularly with other pathologists as well as hematology / oncology clinical colleges in research endeavors
  • Julio Poveda, MD Assistant Professor

Our Cytogenetic and Molecular Experts

  • Yao-Shan Fan, MD, PhD Professor of Pathology and Director of Cytogenetics & Molecular Laboratory. He has 90 papers published in peer reviewed journals and authored the book, “Molecular Cytogenetics: Protocols and Applications”. His current research and services focus on cytogenomic studies of developmental disorders and molecular diagnosis of human cancers.
  • Carmen Casas Expert in cytogenetics and Molecular diagnostics.

Send Consults to the following address:

Dr. Francisco Vega
University of Miami Hospital
Division of Hematopathology
1400 NW 12th Ave, Suite 4076
Miami, FL 33136

For questions regarding these services, please contact:

Aileen Montesino
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Hematopathology laboratory
University of Miami Hospital
1400 NW 12th Ave, Suite 4076
Miami, FL 33136
P: (305) 689-1867
E-mail: amontesino@med.miami.edu

For Billing Inquiries:

Lori Brunelle
Medical Biller – Billing Department
P: (305) 243-5839
F: (305) 243-3961
E-mail: LBrunelle@med.miami.edu

Aris Ferrera
Manager – Billing Department
P: (305) 243-8175
F: (305) 243-3961
E-mail: AFerrer@med.miami.edu