Areas of Research

Areas of Research

Immunology Research

Immunology research involves the interaction of the host’s immune system with host cells and tissues, infectious agents, and environmental toxins. Understanding the regulation of the immune system is critical in determining how the host will respond under normal and atypical circumstances.

Vaccine Research

Vaccine research is critical to the protection of human health and for determining optimal immunization strategies against emerging diseases, infectious agents, and bioweapons. Developing vaccines and adjuvants, delivery platforms, and clinical trials all contribute towards reducing morbidity and mortality from disease.

Cancer Biology Research

Cancer biology research encompasses the understanding of neoplasia from inception to metastasis. Special emphasis is placed on understanding the etiology of different cancers while expanding and improving upon treatment options available for patients.

Genomics Research

Genomics research is taking the next step in advancing personalized treatments and effective therapies for different groups of people who are afflicted by disease. Identifying genes and molecular markers that put people at risk will help customize screening for various diseases.

Stem Cell Biology Research

Stem cell biology research seeks to understand and harness a renewable source of cells to treat an extensive variety of diseases and disabilities, including diabetes, neurological disease, cardiovascular disease, blood disease, and other conditions.

Diagnostic Research

Diagnostic research seeks to develop new tests and biological markers for the early diagnosis of various diseases while working in collaboration with top tier biomedical engineers to make such tests practical, reliable, and accessible to al