Translational Research

Requesting Pathology Material

Before requesting pathology slides or blocks to be pulled and/or submitted for a laboratory service request, please do the following:

  • Contact a UMH/JHS Pathologist who is willing to review and approve the send out or use of tissue block.
  • Register your study with Pathology. If you have not been assigned a pathology research registration number please see the Study Registration Form.
  • Complete the Research Material Request Form and submit the form to the Research coordinator at

Important information:
Please note that it is University of Miami Department of Pathology policy not to release surgical tissue blocks and original slides for research purposes, unless deemed appropriate by a pathologist.

It is the responsibility of the researcher to make arrangements with UM pathologist to review and approve requested materials prior to submitting a request. Re-cuts and unstained slides can be made in our histology laboratory.

New Study Registration

All research studies using pathology services must be registered with our department through the Study Registration Form. This form will give us pertinent information regarding each study, pathology services to be used, as well as billing and contact information.

Once all information has been received, the study will be issued a research registration number (e.g. UMPATH01). This assigned research registration number will be required for all future material and service requests.