Translational Research

Research Resources Laboratory

Excellence in research requires high quality analyses of biological specimens. The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine has established the laboratories of the Pathology Research Resources to meet these needs and provide an avenue of access to all the expertise in the department. Of note, these laboratories serve as approved Service/Core Lab Centers for university researchers. Most routine test services are available and specialized services can be implemented to meet your study’s objectives. Consultation and collaboration are also available. Our commitment is to provide excellent pathology services to aid in the success of your research project.

Veterinary Clinical Pathology testing including routine hematology and clinical chemistry are available as well as access to specialized testing such as hormone analysis and biomarkers that can be implemented specifically for your projects. Our analyzers are equipped to work with low volume samples.

Histology Services include routine processing and staining, special staining, immunohistochemistry, in situ hybridization and frozen sectioning. Human specimens, as part of retrospective studies, can be processed in this laboratory in addition to animal research specimens.

Research fees

Description Jackson Memorial HospitalComparative Pathology Lab
Tissue Process (Embed each)$10$5
Unstained Slides $2 (1st section)
$1 (additional, per block)
H&E (each)$3$6.95
Special Stain (each)$24$10-20
Pull/Re-file Blocks (per case)$5$5
PCR “Curls” Cut Only (each)$10$10
Boxes for transporting slides (small)$12$7.90
Boxes for transporting slides (large)$18$3.95

For further fees regarding Laboratory services and/or budget estimates, please contact our Research Office at